Bring in the Pros to Ensure a Trouble-Free Backyard Pool Project

These days, it makes sense to invest in and make upgrades to existing properties, given the hot real estate market and the desire to seek relaxation and pleasure from your own backyard. A resort-like experience just steps from the back door can help ease the stresses of daily life without the two-hour drive to the cottage.

Creating Your Secret Garden

It’s the feeling you get when you imagine relaxing in a beautiful natural refuge—a calming and positive influence on your emotions, like a good vacation. Most of us have a secret garden image stored in our minds. It may...

Tips for a Picture-Perfect Lawn

he first sign of spring can awaken the gardening enthusiast in many homeowners. Warmer weather brings with it the anticipation of barbecues with friends and lounging by the pool, all while admiring the beauty of your backyard. But what if you don’t have the green thumb to create the ultimate oasis for you and your guests to enjoy?

Getting All Decked Out

So you’re planning on building a deck, something on which you can enjoy lazy afternoons, cook up a scrumptious dinner, and entertain friends and family in style. You’ve got lots of ideas about what you’d like, but an expert...

Opening Saltwater Pools

When spring finally arrives, pool openings can’t be far behind. Giving saltwater pools the best possible start at the beginning of the season sets the stage for the entire summer. With their unique properties, they also demand a slightly different opening process than traditional pools.

A Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tubs are one of the most common, yet sought-after elements of the modern backyard oasis. The joy of soaking in warm, soothing, bubbling water after a tough day is an experience whose roots reach back to ancient times.

Planning a Pooch-Friendly Paradise

Just because you want a safe play sanctuary for man’s best friend to frolic in doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dreams of having a beautiful backyard oasis. A mutually fulfilling retreat lies in wait!