Today’s hot tubs are no longer just a box of hot water

Hot tubs have come a long way over the past 30 years. From being constructed of brown marble fibreglass with only five or six jets for hydrotherapy, today’s hot tubs have morphed into new, sophisticated designs with an array of internal components and colours meant to bring hot water therapy to a whole new level. While hot tubs have changed, the desire for a complete backyard retreat is still...
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Leveraging technology in the outdoor design process

Finding the right tech solutions to improve the outdoor design process—without adding to the workload—helps designers create spectacular customer experiences. 
In some cases, incorporating cutting-edge technology can often create new challenges, but at the same time solve others. From software intended to streamline the design process to social media apps marketed as the efficient way for businesses to connect with clients, there are now many tech-
based options available for designers, builders, 
and contractors.
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Small custom pool installation fits the bill

When this author first visited this project site in Richmond Hill, Ont., he was perplexed with respect to where exactly the pool would be installed. The estate was quite wide; however, it was not very deep and the property lines were irregular. Further, there were significant elevation changes throughout and the homeowner had already hired a landscaping firm to design the backyard which originally did not include a pool.
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Reducing risk and liability at aquatic facilities

Physical activities, including those associated with aquatic facilities, have inherent risks associated with them. Having an aquatic risk management plan in place will not only protect users, but also staff. In the strict definition of the law, aquatic professionals have a ‘duty of care,’ and failure to exercise that...
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