Creating Your Secret Garden

It’s the feeling you get when you imagine relaxing in a beautiful natural refuge—a calming and positive influence on your emotions, like a good vacation. Most of us have a secret garden image stored in our minds. It may be carried over from childhood or...
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A Backyard Revolution

This homeowner in Woodbridge, Ont., loved the shape of their existing vinyl pool, but did not like the fibreglass steps due to their size and the chipping acrylic. Further, the pool’s shallow end was too small and did not lend itself well to those bathers who simply wanted to...
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Using Light to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor lighting is a crucial yet often forgotten component to many beautiful alfresco living spaces. Luminosity tells the story after dark by providing a visual harmony between the home and landscape. Plus, current studies show outside leisure areas are used most often in the evening, thus proving a well-thought-out lighting plan can provide not only a magical world of drama and mystery, but also extend the use of your outdoor living area.
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Assessing Backyard Elevation

You’ve decided to take the plunge and install a new inground swimming pool in your backyard. The pool has been chosen, the contractor is booked for installation and the excitement is mounting in anticipation of a fun-filled swimming season. Before the fun can begin, however, you must properly evaluate...+ Read More

Country Charm

Clean and sophisticated come to mind when describing the various elements that went into creating this backyard dreamscape in the small community of Queensville, located northeast of Toronto. The project was built for a family living in an...
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A pool with panache

Why settle for a run-of-the mill pool experience? There are so many options out there that can help set your backyard apart from the rest. If your budget allows, then consider adding a bit more flair to create the oasis of your dreams. (Note that not all of these...
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